Don’t let the London Olympics make you forget about the 2012 College Football Season. Go Green!

If this is your first time checking out my blog, you might expect for my blog posts to be all about the 2012 London Olympics. The Olympics are great. They keep getting all of our attentions. However, I never forget that the 2012 college football season is a month away. As a senior student at Michigan State University and a huge Spartan fan my whole life, I cannot wait for another epic season for MSU Spartans to start.

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According to Tim Staudt, a reporter of Wilx, MSU’s football players will be officially reporting to campus this Friday that their first practice will be set for this Saturday, April 4th. “Media day is set for Monday and then preparation begins in earnest toward the season opening game” against Boise State, which starts at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, August 31st at home. “Mark Dantonio begins his 6th season as head coach” (Staudt, July 2012).

Ever since Dantonio started being a coach, not only have the Spartans won more games than any other Big 10 team (24 games in the past 4 years), they have won 22 games since the 2010 season, which became the highest two-year total in program history and they became the seventh best among NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Teams (FBS).

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“Andrew Maxwell is ready to take over as Michigan State’s starting quarterback in 2012 (MSU Football Official Website).

This year, Dantonio is aiming even higher achievement of the team and states, “Really what we’ve got to do is try to build on what we’ve accomplished thus far, and I don’t think that ever stops. I think you have a vision for where you want to go, a vision for the future, and you’re trying to get there. Really, you continue to build. That’s what we’ll always do here” (Dantonio, July 30)

After Kirk Cousins left the team for a professional team, Andrew Maxwell (20),  a Junior Quarterback, took over the role played by Cousins, a third-year-starter. Needless to say, the biggest game to pay attention to is the Spartans vs. University of Michigan, Wolverines at the Michigan Stadium on October 20.  On July 27, ESPN’s Joe Schad talks about Maxwell’s ambition for this MSU vs. UM game in this season on Twitter.

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In addition to the Wolverines, the teams that you don’t want to miss are University of Wisconsin, Badgers (The Spartans and the Badgers’ last two meetings have made them a notable rivalry), Northwestern, Wildcats (They find a way to beat a ranked team in the Bowl Championship Series every year), as well as Nebraska, Cornhuskers (Taylor Martinez, a Junior Quarterback, is expected to be a large part of the team’s strong offense).

With the new season around the corner, if you know which athletes and what games to pay your extra attention to, you can enjoy and be more knowledgeable about the games! Be excited for the 2012 College Football Season!


What’s Your Passion?

In today’s competitive marketplace, making yourself almost as unique and creative as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs is the most important key to success.

To be unique and stand out from everyone else, you need to have an extensive passion about a certain thing. It does not have to be something too professional or very well-known, but in order to promote and sell yourself in the marketplace, you must show that you are very passionate about something you like.

My passion is sports and advertising.

Sports entertainment has been such a large segment in the media and many people seem to talk about “last night’s sports games” rather than any other types of TV show at their workplace or school. Every sports organization like the National Football League, National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball has the marketing department to manage ticket sales, as well as sponsorship to seek large amounts of advertising-dollar support.

There are also many sports brands that create their own products like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Gatorade and employ professional athletes to promote their brands.

Out of all these well-known brands, what I have found the most successful and has got my complete attention is Gatorade.

Everywhere I go, I bring two 32 ounces bottles of Gatorade. Every time I get on Twitter, I check their tweets and pictures to see what athlete Gatorade is featuring before or during their athletic activities.

What makes it different from other sports drinks such as Powerade and Vitamin Water? The answer is its persistent advertising campaigns.

From Michael Jordan to Sidney Crosby, Gatorade is consumed by the largest amount of professional athletes out of all the sports nutrition brands around the world (Gatorade UK). During the 1997 NBA Finals “Game 5”, Jordan suffered from 103 degree fever and he constantly hydrated with Gatorade. It gave him the fuel and the will to win, and consequently, he had one of the most epic performances of his basketball career.

Here is the video of the 1997 NBA Game 5 that will make you shed tears of joy.

Gatorade came up with the strap line from this historical moment called “Win From Within”. This slogan indicates, “Once you have everything for the outside, it’s time to start thinking about what you put on the inside. Sport is driven from the inside out” (Win From Within – Gatorade Program)

Gatorade is an example of why you need your own unique brand to stand out from all your competitors.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of developing a personal brand, read this brief article with some tips in it! “Rock Your Personal Brand Like Mark Zuckerberg”

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