Pay attention to Ryan Lochte at the London Olympics

With the 2012 London Olympics right around the corner, what game and athlete are you most excited to see compete this summer? The very well-known names like LeBron JamesMichael Phelps and Usain Bolt are who we hear over and over again, but this summer, make sure to keep your eyes on our fellow American swimmer and a 6 time Olympic medalist, Ryan Lochte. Believe it or not, Lochte is expected to dethrone his teammate and rival, Michael Phelps this summer in London.

Lochte calls himself a ‘trouble-maker‘ who has had many injuries during his athletic career. He has suffered from a knee injury from break dancing, a fractured foot from skateboarding, a bruised knee from a scooter crash, as well as a sprained ankle while playing with his dog. But what made big news was a groin injury he got in July, 2010 that forced him to back off his training and a few IM meets he was already scheduled for (Woronoff, 2012).

That old Ryan Lochte, who has always finished second or third to Michael Phelps, is all gone. Four years ago, he completely changed his diet and broadened his training. He got a large attention from the media; the TV commercials and the magazine covers started featuring Lochte. Gillette Commercial is an example. Lochte cut his hair very short before the U.S. Olympic trials last month when Phelps arrived with a so-called, “dirty uncle mustache“. Lochte was clean-shaven as he was trying to get more attention from his female fans.

Lochte is a fun-loving, laid back swimmer with a unique fashion style, who just wants to go nuts twenty-four seven. However, the fact that Phelps acquired eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics fueled Lochte’s fire for competitions and he won six gold medals at the 2010 Pan-Pacific Championships, as well as four in 2009 and five at the 2011 World Championships.

He was able to change not only because he got bigger and faster, but also he got healthier.  His favorite food was McDonald’s and he was never serious about what he ate while training and competing. He can be such a big and good-looking swimmer, but he did not know how important it is to care about what he puts in his body. His Olympic Head swim coach, Gregg Troy totally changed his unhealthy behaviors. What made him even bigger and faster was Gatorade and proper nutrition while training.

Surprisingly, even Phelps’ coach, Bob Bowman mentioned that “Michael’s breaststroke wasn’t bad…It’s obviously pretty good competition,” but “Lochte’s breaststroke is better”. “Lochte was the best swimmer in 2010,” Bowman continues.

At the interview with the NBC Olympics, Lochte says, “I could be having the worst day, but once I step foot in that pool everything just disappears. And I’m a very competitive athlete. I just love racing; I think that’s what keeps me going day to day in practice and going to swim meets”.

Lochte will have to win gold medals at the 200-meter backstroke and freestyle. This will help the U.S. team win medals at the 4×200 freestyle relay, where he will be paired with Phelps to compete.

Ryan Lochte, who will be turning 28 on August 3 during the Olympics, is more prepared for these Olympic meets than any other meet he has had before. Now, you know why you should pay extra attention to this world’s next swimming legend in a few weeks.

YouTube video: Ryan Lochte World Record: Win From Within

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